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Immerse yourself in a world of high fashion with a touch of ficton. Ignore the boundaries and discover clothing in a new light.

IzzQ is an emerging women's fashion label, founded in 2013, with a fresh take on current trends. Drawing inspiration from various elements of the past, present and future, IzzQ exudes timeless aesthetics through her one-of-a-kind pieces for the modern woman.

Isabelle Quinn created the label to unveil her life long love affair with clothing. Being a creative and free spirit, she loves nothing more than designing and making outrageous pieces that are designed to emphasise and complement women's silhouettes.

With an obsession with movies and dress-ups from a young age, Isabelle has always been captivated with beautiful costumes. Designing clothes is her creative outlet of fashioning dress-up inspired clothing for adult women.

With a vision to make her mark in the field of fashion, follow Isabelle's journey and support this young designer. All clothing is handmade with love and of the utmost quality, as she shares her devotion to make all women feel and look amazing.

We really hope you do enjoy, IzzQ xx